Monthly Personality Earrings & Accessories made from polymer clay

Made for You

Let your personality shine with handcrafted pieces made just for you.

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Why BlessingsofClay?

Experience the joy of personalized polymer earrings and accessories tailored to your unique personality and style each month. At blessingsofclay, we brighten your day with our monthly Blessings card, featuring motivational quotes. Discover a world of endless possibilities as we transform your individuality into wearable art,

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Fine Materials

Made from Polymer Clay, Resin. Comfortable to wear and very lightweight on sensitive ears.

What We Offer

Educational Worksheet Geometric Shapes
Girlfriends SVG, Feminine vector clipart, Abstract women svg

Unique Creations

We create designs that match

your personality.

Monthly Earrings

We send you Different earrings each month based on your personzality/ style.

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Hairstyle   woman illustration feminine aesthetic
Hairstyle woman illustration feminine aesthetic

Personality & Style Quiz

Earring Selection

take this Quiz to help you choose which earring selection is your style & personality.

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Girlfriends SVG, Feminine vector clipart, Abstract women svg
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Personality Monthly Packages

Boho Chic monthly packages includes boho shapes and earth tone colored earrings.

Feminine monthly packages includes pastels, delicate, sophisticated colors, small earring studs, and medium sized earrings.

Vibrant/Bold monthly packages include bold statement pieces in different shapes and sizes . Also includes animal print, and bright colors.

Each Month Earrings are randomized and selected based off your personality package, make sure to take our quiz to help you with your selection. Each Month you will receive 5 earrings.

Vintage/Nostalgic packages comes with vintage shapes and bright color earrings.

Girly/Fun monthly packages include girly colors like pink, baby blue and other girly colors that we love! Floral patterns, girly shapes and sparkly & shiny earrings. Also may come with Character, food styled earrings, and keychains.

Client Reviews

Amanda S.

"Love the boho chic package! The polymer earrings capture the free-spirited vibe perfectly. They're beautifully crafted and add an earthy touch to my style. Highly recommended for boho souls!"

Palmoma B.

"Obsessed with the vintage package! The polymer earrings have a timeless charm and intricate details. They transport me back in time. Remarkable quality and perfect for vintage fashion lovers!"

Amanda C.

"Can't get enough of the feminine package! The delicate polymer earrings bring elegance and grace to my outfits. Comfortable and stunningly designed. A must-have for feminine styles!"

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Educational Worksheet Geometric Shapes

Inventory Examples that could be included in your monthly packages

Inventory Examples that could be included in your monthly packages